Friday, May 16, 2008

Classmate's Wedding

We took part in the classmate's wedding at New World Restaurant
on May 15, 08. We wished the new couple with happiness,
good luck, and success in the future forever.
Here are some photos of the wedding.

Beautiful groom and bride

The table full of all kind of fruits. If you want to
eat, you have to dance around it.

Waiting some guys.
what's going on with them?

Theara and Ratana
Keep smile to the camera

Cheer!!!! young man

Five supermen!

Ah, the food look delicious?

Me, Theara, ?, Theavy, Sameoun, Veasna

With the bride
Eat we eat! Please enjoy with us.

Special dissert

Group photo with the groom and bride

1 2 3 smile!
Fantastic five!


Stargazer said...

Nice pics! Cambodian girls are pretty

ChanDara said...

I think you too!

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