Friday, March 7, 2008

IWD Eve Party

On IWD eve, my English class had celebrated a small party
to congratulate on the 98th anniversary of International
Women's Day which the worldwide has hold at the same time.
In the whole classroom, some guys had chitchat and
told a joke. It was a wonderful evening for us to have fun
and cheer altogether. We ate some cakes, candys, fruits,
and drank cokes. Everyone had enjoyed the party
very much, and we took a lot of photos, group photo with
our lecturer. Here are some photos of the event.
Here we go!

group photo

Hey guys! 1 2 3 smile we smile

group photo with lecturer

Quiet girls
Cheer we cheer!

Fantastic freshy girls 4

class monitor

Never go away from this table

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It was a great time!