Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Am On The Giant Cruiser USS ESSEX

Go to nearer about 50 meters
About 7oo meters from taxi ferry
On the taxi ferry with Mr. Jam

Before departing for the port

With guest welcome
oh! very very very big one, I have ever seen before.

Go to nearer and nearer

Fantastic 5 on board

Cambodian style
Look like a pilot
With Mr. Smiler

American style
with helicopter pilot

The band on the cruiser

The store where you can buy souvenir such as T-shirt, cap,
Photo album, cup of coffee...ect.

view from the cruiser
Fantastic 4
Ahh! It look delicious

hey! go with me, I'll fly u around the world .

New rock-and-roll singer
Come on! enjoy and have dinner with me

Salute and marching of army


Anonymous said...

oh lucky man!

Anonymous said...

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