Sunday, November 25, 2007

Singapore Boat Overturned On 2nd Day

The Singaporean expert divers arrived at the scene

Photos of victims at the Calmete Hospital

At the scene

Singaporean Ambassador at the scene

Cambodian divers try looking for bodies

Boat overturned
Rescuers try to save the victim

Relatived of victims arrived at Phnom Penh
International Airport

Rescuer team are looking for other victim

Singaporean team bofore the accident

SINGAPORE: Five bodies were recovered from the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh on Sunday morning, following an accident involving a Singapore dragon boat team. Two of the bodies were confirmed by family members to be those of Singaporeans missing after the accident late Friday. They are 24-year-old Jeremy Goh and 20-year-old Chee Wei Cheng. Five Singapore men went missing after their boat capsized as it tried to dock on the Tonle Sap River after competing in a race during the water festival. Authorities are trying to ascertain the identity of the other three bodies. Earlier, Cambodian police chief Touch Naruth told reporters "all the missing Singaporeans were found, and now the mission has ended." A holding area has been set up outside the mortuary at the Calmette Hospital where the bodies were brought to. Earlier, emotions ran high when family members went to identify the two bodies. The Singapore ambassador to Cambodia, Tan Yee Woan, and the president of the Dragonboat Association, Kwek Siew Jin, are on hand to render support to family members. More than 200 Cambodian navy sailors and fishermen, joined by seven divers and a medic from Singapore, scoured the river over the weekend searching for the missing men. The Singapore boat was carrying 22 men when it capsized. Seventeen Singaporeans were also injured in the accident, which happened on the first day of races. Millions of spectators, holiday-makers and participants flock to the capital Phnom Penh to watch the event. Singapore's foreign ministry said in a statement that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen had written to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to convey his "shock and sadness." Relatives of the dead had visited the site of the accident late Saturday, with most unable to hold the tears back as they silently surveyed the river where their loved ones had drowned. More than 440 boats including a number of foreign crews entered this year's races, which end Sunday evening. Ten nations in Southeast Asia have boats competing in the colourful event.

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